Our Approach

Because of our long-standing relationships in the industry with Commodity Trading Advisors ("CTAs") large and small, we have in-depth access to manager talent, including some high quality, ‘under-the radar’ traders.

Managed futures offers the potential for strong performance during large stock declines, and can be obtained in a fund that offers the potential to profit in most environments, not just in a crisis. We begin with a distinctive ability to survey the universe of CTAs to identify and evaluate those that, when brought together in a portfolio construction, will have the best opportunity to achieve the firm’s investment objectives. Design diversification is the cornerstone of our top-down approach to portfolio construction, and drives the identification and analysis process throughout each stage.


portfolio design

Witherspoon employs a methodology known as “design diversification” as the guiding principle for portfolio construction. The aim of the process is to assemble a portfolio of CTA's pursuing differentiated strategies that are complementary. The resulting portfolio offers the potential for more consistent performance with less volatility than that of an individual CTA.


Witherspoon has a deep network of contacts in the managed
futures industry that affords us sourcing opportunities not avail-
able to all investors. In addition, we use proprietary and commer-
cial databases to supplement our industry contacts.

evaluation and manager selection

Witherspoon has expertise derived from decades of practical
experience in the managed futures industry. We utilize both
quantitative and qualitative processes to evaluate trading prog-
rams for possible inclusion in the fund’s portfolio.

risk management

To ensure that investment objectives are being achieved within
stated risk parameters, Witherspoon monitors a number of fac-
tors for each CTA and the fund portfolio including leverage, vola-
tility, market sector exposure, losses from peak profit levels, and
frequency of trading activity.


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